Pablo Mastroeni re-signs with Rapids … but why?

Pablo Mastroeni is a Colorado Rapids legend.

Undoubtedly, when he decides to hang up his boots, there should be a place in the organization for him, doing whatever it is he wants to do. If he wants Tim Hinchey’s job, Tim should give it up, shine Pablo’s shoes, and demote himself to VP of Marketing.

Mastroeni has re-signed with the Rapids. Well the Rapids are certainly happy to have him back, a few issues linger. What will be the 36-year-old’s place in the squad? Is this a farewell tour? What are the linger effects of his concussion issues, especially after revealing that the concussive symptoms he experienced for the entire 2012 season were at least partially due to a 2011 injury of the same nature?

Obviously Mastroeni loves the game – and loves this club. Obviously his doctor has warned him about the nature of concussive symptoms and how they can ruin the rest of his life. And yet, it’s a risk that he is willing to take.

But why?

In the interview with German Sferra, he discusses lots of issues – his family, his love for the game and his inability to walk away. But this is a club that needs him and his leadership now more than ever. He is one of the last connections this Rapids team has to the past. Since 2002, he’s been a stalwart piece of this team. The Rapids Front Office needs him.

No matter how much he plays, he’ll be vital to this club in 2013.

Welcome back, Pablo.



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