Mercifully, the end has come

Thank God the 2012-2013 Colorado Rapids season has ended. You will notice a lack of blog posts since the end of June – this is not because I have forgotten to post. It is because I literally have nothing good to say about this team. Individual players, yes. The team as a unit, as a business or as a club – not so much.

This was perhaps the most trying year to be a fan of the Rapids ever. Expectations were high with a new coach and a new system, along with a bevy of new players. To say that it has not panned out would be an understatement along the lines of  “Mitt Romney likes to take both sides of an issue.”

(Side note: Why do I have to keep telling this Rapids FO what is bad for business? When the club president is retweeting this garbage, why does it have to be me telling him that talking personal politics is bad for business?)

So as bloggers are wont to do, here are a few awards I have given out myself to these Rapids.

Iron Man (without the ego) Award: Drew Moor played every minute of every MLS Cup match this year. He’s the man.

Twitterer of the Year: Moor might tweet the most, but the most effective user of Twitter has to be Stewart Ceus. Never before have I cared what a backup goalkeeper thinks, but Stew’s twitter proves he is just like me or you – except really tall, and a great keeper.

The Up and Coming Award: Tony Cascio started fast, slowed down, but showed that his goal-scoring potential is unmatched on this squad. I’d advocate for him to start over Omar Cummings, but I might get strung up.

Finally, the Piojo Award for the invisible man on the roster (shout out to Craig): Mr. Anthony Wallace didn’t play all year, but could make all the difference. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Here’s to a better 2013-2014. Go #Rapids.


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