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More excuses, and thoughts on Derby County, Rapids

Hi, hey, hi, hi,

Still getting married on Oct. 24, haven’t had much time to craft blog posts, but I have been tweeting pretty¬†consistently, so if you’re not following me over there on the Twitter, you should be: @kvillegas

Quick round-up of the action, more for my own sake than anyone else’s:

The Colorado Rapids have 34 points with 23 games played and are +5 on GD. currently sitting in 6th, but maybe not for long, as SJ is one point back with one game in hand. Mehdi was traded for Kandji today from the NYRB – and if you ask me, the Mac for Mehdi swap is a good deal for the Rapids. I continue to torture the future Mrs. Villegas with MLS Soccer on Saturdays.

Derby County is in trouble this early in the season, has 4 points from 6 games, hasn’t won since the first fixture of the season. Nigel Clough is doing everything he can to stay competitive (buying Bueno, getting Kuqi on loan from Swansea) but this team just can’t defend to save its life.

They’re not in real huge danger of being relegated (they have 40 games left. at this rate, gulp, they’d end up with 30 points. Not bloody likely.) but they have to right the ship, and fast. Conor Doyle hasn’t scored with the first team in a league game yet. He will soon – as long as he’s not relegated to clean-up duty in the final 10 of the remaining matches. He’s young, though, and green around the edges.


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Other thoughts on Rapids – KC draw, DPs coming to MLS

The crowd may not have been quite like July 4 at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, but a decent sized crowd showed up last night for the Rapids fixture against the Kansas City Wizards.

By now, you probably know they drew 1-1, and I won’t fixate on the specifics of the game other to say that like @GCSblog I think Claudio Lopez should be on the pitch more.

Hometown hero Roger Espinoza got a warm welcome from the crowd. Kei Kamara DID flip off the crowd, even if it was inadvertent. The Rapids should make every night a family night – there was a good crowd of 12,825. They also should lower the ticket prices of the midfield seats, which were half empty when the south stands were nearly completely full (even if it’s only an image thing). Overall, though, I think the Rapids are doing a pretty good job with marketing the team and bringing in new things to attract a crowd, especially considering the limited budget and resources they have to do so.

Henry is in NY. People Mag has a feature on Five Things to Know About Thierry, not one mention of how he hates to be asked about the handball.

Omar Bravo is headed to KC (gasp!) and Nery Castillo is headed to Chicago. Both good gets, and hopefully they’ll help attract more hispanic fans to their respective stadiums and when they take their show on the road.

The Rapids continue to get by without a DP – and like Donna Feldman of No Fan Alone says – continue to lack that huge personality that would be a bigger draw to DSGP.

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Giuseppe Rossi will be a spectator

Hot off the wires!

Giuseppe Rossi is going to be watching the World Cup from New Jersey, not on the pitch.

Click here to read the whole story.

We here at Good Footie Form don’t rejoice in other people’s bad news, but #USMNT fans will be happy to see the boy who spurned them turned aside by the Italian National Team.

Fans of New Jersey soccer will simply have to focus on the other 5 players with ties to the state.

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Conor Casey admits to bad form (maybe)

The Denver Post had a Q&A session with Conor Casey today. People could send in their questions and the man would answer. Basically, it’s a game of “You Be the Reporter”.

Casey gives pretty much standard replies to the same old questions: Why don’t Americans like soccer? What advice can you give to young strikers? How awesome is it that you came from the backwoods of soccer in Denver to be a USMNT member?

But one question and one of his replies were particularly compelling.

How was it playing with U.S. soccer greats like Landon Donovan during the U.S. (World Cup) qualifier? -Heather, Broomfield

Oh snap, Heather. You went there. And, one of his replies to another question, about how Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle, who weren’t in the MNT picture even a month ago, could both beat him out for a roster spot. His response?

I guess you just have to be ready for your chance and make the most of it.

I laughed out loud, sadly. Did Casey just admit to being in poor form? I think so. That’s not something you’d ever hear out of the Rapids PR department.

Read the whole Q&A by clicking here.

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Why am I not surprised?

Check out the lastest poll on the front page of It asks: How interested are you in the upcoming World Cup?

Surprisingly, most states say “very interested,” and a total of 41 percent of all americans.

Who is not interested? The Upper Midwest: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana. Indiana. Appalachia: West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. And the Deep South: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. And Alaska.

I leave you to draw your own assumptions about those states.

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Mexicans struggling to score

It must have something to do with this hemisphere. I blame El Nino.

Like the #USMNT, scoring is turning out to be a problem for our friends from south of the border, El Tri, the Mexican National Football team. Fernando Casarez, ESPN’s blogger for Mexico, put up a post chronicling their struggles after a 3-1 thrashing from England at Wembley.

Read all about it here.

I don’t suppose to be a Mexican NT follower, but our fates are linked. CONCACAF competition just isn’t much of a challenge for our two nations, so a game like that one against England, and our tilt tonight against the Czechs mean quite a deal more to us than to a similar strength European side.

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A post that won’t pay the bills

My name’s Kevin and I think about soccer a lot.

I constantly tweet about soccer (follow me @kvillegas) and I’m pretty sure I drive my girlfriend nuts by talking too much about it, thinking too much about it, and acting like I know what I’m talking about. I may, I may not, but either way, I decided to start a blog about it.

I live in Denver, Colorado. I follow the Colorado Rapids, Arsenal, Derby County and the USMNT. I write for a living, but mostly marketing things, things most people wouldn’t be interested in. I also produce commercials and streaming video. If I could, I’d be doing these same things for a soccer club. One day, I will. For right now, I just think about soccer when I should be thinking about other things that could pay the bills.

Tomorrow, the journey of being a soccer journalist begins for me. But for tonight, I will drink beer and play FIFA 10.

I hope I don’t let myself down.

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