Real Colorado Foxes play TONIGHT in US Open Cup

If you aren’t doing anything tonight, you should head over to the Colorado School of Mines in Golden to watch the Real Colorado Foxes play in the first round of the US Open Cup.

Here’s more information about the Foxes fixture against KC Athletics FC.

The USOC is the oldest cup competition in America. It is woefully under covered by the United States Soccer Federation. Naturally, when I mean ‘woefully under covered’, I mean ‘totally ignored’. Kind of like the way you might ignore your ex-girlfriend at the bar. Or the way Don Garber and company ignores the history of soccer in America before 1994.

When US Soccer pretends like the USOC doesn’t exist, they do a major disservice to fans of the game in America, and they do damage to a brand that is already on the ropes. These first round games are amateur soccer at its finest. The guys you see on the pitch tonight at CSM might be your doctor, or your lawyer, your coach or your neighbor. They deserve better than this.


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