USMNT vs. Turkey lineup prediction

Tomorrow morning, I will force my girlfriend to wake up and watch me yell at the TV for 2 hours. She will cower in fear, and afterward she will undoubtedly remark, “I didn’t know you cared that much.”

No, I’m not trying to intimidate her, and I’m not watching Meet The Press (which I have been known to yell at in the past). Nope, this is the final send-off game for the United States, and I’ve been looking forward to this match for the entire 4 year cycle of World Cup Qualifying. Nearly 50K tickets have been sold to the fixture, and that’s great news for the state of footie in this country.

I won’t do a whole preview of the entire game, because others do it better than I. What I will do, however, is link to Yanks Are Coming, who has a detailed preview.

Here’s who I think will make the starting 11, and who I think should come off the bench (six subs allowed):


This is pretty much our starting 11, with the CM and 2nd striker being up for grabs as far as starters against England. Here, I give Clark the nod as the second holding mid, put Dempsey on the wing instead of up top, and put Herculez up top instead of bringing him off the bench.

1st sub will be Edu for Clark. Look for Beas to come in at LB for Bocanegra, who’s still recovering. Dolo for Spector. Buddle will be in for Altidore. Maybe Findley and maybe Holden late in the 2nd half.

This is a chemistry match. Bob Bradley will do everything he can to mix it up and find the best combination.

US – England, two weeks from tomorrow.

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